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When was the last time you felt well?

Innerspace Functional Medicine utilizes conventional and functional medicine in a unique whole-body approach to optimize the quality of your health. Integrating experience and knowledge from twenty years of conventional medicine training and practice with modern, functional, root cause-oriented medicine. 

The Journey

When you embark on your health journey with Innerspace, you'll work with Jennifer to venture beyond the limitations of conventional medicine's "name it, blame it, tame it" approach and take a deep dive to discover the root causes of your health concerns. Jennifer will utilize all aspects of your relevant personal history, conventional (insurance covered) and modern functional laboratory testing, in order to focus on personalized nutrition, lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements, and prescription medications (only when absolutely necessary) to guide you back to feeling well and healthy in your own Innerspace. 

Interested in working with Jennifer? Click the link below to get started. Once you submit your inquiry, someone from Innerspace will contact you. 

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